Happy Leap Day!

We celebrate this 29th day of February with a demonstration of a special calendar-appropriate Mac Gem: a calendar program! In this case, it’s ObjectPark’s MenuCalendarClock for iCal. This $20 utility lets you replace your Mac’s stock menu bar clock with a more flexible clock that also provides you instant access to your iCal calendar, including all your events and your to-do list.

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Show Notes

Read our original Mac Gems review of MenuCalendarClock, written by Dan Frakes in 2005. Though MenuCalendarClock has been updated somewhat since then, Dan’s review still holds true.

For an amusing description of the math involved in deciding what’s a leap day and what isn’t, get the geeky details from astronomer Phil Plait at BadAstronomy.com. Or for a somewhat more mainstream view, there’s always Wikipedia’s Leap Year entry.

Happy Leap Day to everyone out there, particularly to Tillie Iverson of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, who turns 24 today — after 96 years on Planet Earth.

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