25 native iPhone apps we hope to see

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If you’ve ever used Salling Clicker, then you’ll understand this app. Running on your iPhone, it lets you remotely control your Mac—change iTunes playback, run your Keynote or PowerPoint presentation, control Front Row, even perhaps display and interact with your Mac’s user interface. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, you’ll even be able to control your Mac from long distances—perfect for those times you left that key file at home and need to e-mail it to yourself in your hotel.

2. Document editor

Sure, you can view files e-mailed to you using the iPhone’s built-in Mail program. But what about editing those documents—or maybe even creating ones of your own? The iPhone needs a built-in document editor, one that lets you create documents as well as modify those sent to you by others. This is a feature best addressed by Apple (a mobile version of TextEdit, anyone?), but in the absence of that, a mobile text editor or word processor would be heavenly. Especially if Apple ever lets us use its snazzy Bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone.

1. AIM client

E-mail and SMS are great for keeping in touch, but they are no match for the speed and dynamic nature of instant messaging. It seems unlikely that Apple will bring iChat over to the iPhone—AT&T makes a lot of money off SMS, so that would be shooting Apple’s partner in the foot. But someone else should create an AIM or multi-service client such as Adium for the iPhone.

0. To-do/task manager (with syncing)

In a shocking case of "I got it..." "You take it...", all our experts agreed that a to-do list/task manager program was a must on the iPhone. Then none of them wrote about it. So we wrote an entire article about why a task manager would be a good idea.

[Updated 3/3, 9:45 a.m. PT to add "item 0," the mysteriously absent to-do/task manager.]

[Updated 3/3, 10:55 a.m. PT to clarify the scope of the article.]

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