iPod Scrabble released, Mini Golf re-released

The iTunes Store this week features two new games for the iPod: Mini Golf and Scrabble. Each costs $4.99 and can be played on third-generation iPod nanos, iPod classics and fifth-generation (video) iPods.

Mini Golf isn't truly a new game -- this is a reworked version of a game that EA previously released specifically for fifth-generation iPods, now capable of being played on newer iPod models as well. The game features three themed courses full of obstacles and shortcuts, and three game modes -- single player, pass 'n' play and practice hole.

Scrabble, on the other hand, is a new addition to the iTunes Store's growing list of iPod games. It's an iPod-ready version of Hasbro's popular crossword board game. Scrabble features multiple difficulty levels, different play styles (classic, pints and rounds), a zoom-in feature so you can see the board more closely, "pass 'n' play" mode for up to four players, with customizable rules, tracking of games and score statistics, game tips and multiple audio tracks.

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