Addonics intros 4U Storage Rack

Addonics Technologies on Wednesday introduced the Storage Rack. It's a universal rack mount chassis for assembling large disk or optical storage arrays. It costs $329 for its base configuration.

The Storage Rack occupies 4U of space in a standard equipment rack. It comes with nine bays to accommodate 5.25-inch drives; you can start by using it with a single drive and expand it as your needs require. It can be combined with Addonics' 3.5-inch Disk Array or 2.5-inch Disk Array, as well, and you can mix and match optical drives with hard drives, with or without encryption, on the same rack.

Devices can be connected to a host system using external Serial ATA (eSATA), through Port Multipliers or Multilane connectors, or using a universal USIB connector that lets the storage systems connect via USB 2.0 or FireWire.

All Storage Rack models come standard with nine power connectors (either for 4-pin or 15-pin power couplings), dual 90x90 mm cooling fan, intelligent thermal management card and installation guide. The $329 base unit comes with an ATX power supply. The unit with a redundant power supply and a hardware port multiplier installed costs $769.

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