OmniGraffle 5 diagramming software released

The Omni Group has announced the release of OmniGraffle 5 and OmniGraffle 5 Pro, new versions of its diagramming and illustration software for Mac OS X. OmniGraffle costs $99.95; upgrades start at $39.95.

OmniGraffle 5 is used for diagramming, chart creation, quick page layout, Web site mockup or graphic design work. The software lets you export your images to TIFF, JPEG, PNG and other image formats, handles style and shape cloning, bezier lines, automatic layout and smart guides.

New to the version 5 release is a Graphviz-based layout engine that allows for faster and more varied layout types, support for Bezier curves, "mini inspectors" that gather the most common inspector controls, a style tray that helps you find object styles quickly, and stencil search (which also connects to Graffletopia, a third-party library of free OmniGraffle stencils).

The Pro version adds features including Visio export, subgraphs, a Presentation Mode, workplace save and restore, ColorSync support, SVG export, boolean operations on shapes, tables and much more.

OmniGraffle 5 and OmniGraffle 5 Pro require Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard."

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