Freeverse unveils iPhone gaming plans

Freeverse Software has already posted a page on its Web site showing off its idea for games on the iPhone. These are more than just mock-ups -- the company says it already has code up and running (though it declined to say just how it's made that happen, since Apple's Software Development Kit, or SDK, was only published on Thursday).

Freeverse's first idea is for a line of "Flick Sports" products for the iPhone and iPod touch -- 3D games that utilize the device's unique input controls for immersive gameplay. Freeverse said it's working on golf, bowling, soccer and baseball games to start.

Flick Sports: Moto Racing is also in the works. It uses the iPhone's accelerometer to let you steer a motorcycle down a race course.

You can find more details, along with some screen shot mockups, on their Web site.

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