EastWest ships SD2, updates Symphonic Orchestra

Virtual software instrument company EastWest on Monday announced at Musikmesse 2008 tradeshow that it has shipped Quantum Leap SD2 and updated Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra.

SD2 is the follow-up to the Stormdrum acoustic percussion library. SD2 contains over 12GB of percussion that delivers MIDI performances created with Roland V-Drums and Zendrum percussion controllers. This allows the user to change anything, with absolutely no effect to sound quality, according to EastWest.

MIDI performances are pre-mixed, panned and produced for quick use.

SD2 costs $445.

EastWest also updated its Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra to the company’s 64-bit sampling engine. EastWest’s sample engine is a multi-platform 64-bit (with 32-bit compatibility) sampling engine and allows users to load their instruments onto other computers that are managed by the host computer.

Versions of the Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra are being shown at Musikmesse this week. Symphonic Orchestra costs $535.

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