WiebeTech offers two-bay desktop RAID

WiebeTech on Tuesday introduced its RTX200H-QR, a new two-bay desktop RAID system for Mac or PC. It's priced starting at $499.95.

The RTX200H-QR utilizes WiebeTech's "TrayFree" bay design; the two all-metal bays accept a raw SATA drive without requiring a tray to install. Each bay is lockable and includes two LEDs showing power and access. The drive chassis also features built-in shock absorption.

The RTX200H-QR supports four different interfaces: external Serial ATA (eSATA), FireWire 800, FireWire 400 (using an adaptor cable) and USB 2.0. The outer case design is made of aluminum. The RTX200H-QR uses hardware-based RAID Level 0 or 1.

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