Huckleberry turns MacBook, MacBook Pro camera around

Ecamm Network has announced the release of a redesigned version of its Huckleberry, a $28.95 device that reverses the direction of your MacBook or MacBook Pro's iSight camera.

The Huckleberry is placed above the screen, and using two mirrors, provides a full 180-degree change in the iSight's direction. It consists of two acrylic mirrors and two mounting brackets.

This way, you can use a Huckleberry-equipped MacBook or MacBook Pro to film what's in front of you, rather than filming yourself.

This is the third edition of the Huckleberry, according to Ecamm. The redesign now fits all MacBook and MacBook Pro models -- the original just fit specific models. It also uses foam brackets, which Ecamm claims are sturdier, and it's easier to assemble and disassemble.

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