WireTap Studio supports custom genre tags

Ambrosia Software on Tuesday announced the release of WireTap Studio 1.0.5, an updated version of its audio recording and management software. A free update for registered users, WireTap Studio costs $69.

WireTap Studio enables you to edit your audio files in a "lossless" way. You can change bit-rate, format and make other adjustments and listen to how they'll sound in realtime; you can edit and clip files and more, all without altering the original source.

WireTap Studio 1.0.5 features support for ID3v2 tags, enabling the software to provide custom genre tag support. WAV and AIFF files can now be up to 4GB in length. AIFC and AIFF files now support 24kHz, 64kHz and 192kHz rates, and other fixes and enhancements have also been made.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.4 or later.

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