With last week’s iPhone Software Roadmap event providing some tantalizing details about the future of the iPhone, the Enterprise market, and third-party iPhone applications it seemed only right, nay necessary, to devote the 116th episode of the Macworld Podcast to Apple’s multitalented mobile phone.

That devotion begins with a chat between Macworld Editorial Director, Jason Snell, and Senior News Editor, Jon Seff, who witnessed the event in person. The team of Snell and Seff discuss the events of the event as well as some of its repercussions.

I then speak with Unofficial Apple Weblog blogger and iPhone geek, Erica Sadun, about what the SDK looks like from a developer’s perspective. She has the inside dope on how the SDK is being greeted by the jailbreaking community and developers at large. Her insights might surprise you.

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Show Notes

Before we dive into all things iPhone, I mention that Apple is still struggling to make 1,000 movie rentals available on the iTunes Store. They’ve managed to make the promised 100 HD movies mark (though not 100 HD movies with 5.1 Surround Sound, as also promised), however. Last time I looked, the Store, when accessed from iTunes, offered less than 500 rentals (483, when you use iTunes’ Power Search feature).

Rather than stare at my Apple TV’s screen saver waiting for more movies to appear, I browsed recent TV Show releases and was pleased to find two British comedy series from the late-ish 1960s featuring members of Monty Python. The first, Do Not Adjust Your Set includes Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, David Jason, and the legendary Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. The second, At Last the 1948 Show features John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Marty Feldman (“Igor” from Young Frankenstein), and Tim Brooke-Taylor.

Jason and Jon talk some about what we do and don’t know about the iPhone SDK. For more details, take a look at Macworld’s iPhone Software FAQ.

Erica mentioned the iPhone SDK’s “only one application may run at a time” restriction. My colleague, Rob Griffiths, shares his thoughts on this subject in his iPhone SDK: One at a Time? If you care about the future of third-party iPhone applications, this one is worth a read.


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