If you’re like me, your home has at least one of each of the following items: Mac, TV, and stereo. You’ve heard of the advantages of making these things communicate with each other yet they continue to live in separate worlds. It’s time to put an end to this isolation by wiring (or unwiring, as the case may be) your home for the audio generated by your computer, iPod, and the Internet.

Spending a little more than five minutes I take you on a video tour of what I’ve done—and the tools I use—to make music move throughout my home. It’s an easy process and something that can be done without breaking the bank.

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Show Notes

To avoid creating an hour-long video I don’t go into minute detail on how I set up each device, configure each application, and lay every cable. Though it might be generous to describe its details as minute, I do expand on this topic in the recent Playlist blog entry, Plumbing the House for Internet Radio.

The free iTunes application plays a major role in making this work, but other tools are tossed into service as well. In the video I mention Apple TV (Take Two), AirPort Express Base Station, Rogue Amoeba’s $25 Airfoil 3, iPod FM transmitters, and Audioengine’s A2 and A5 powered speakers as well as the just-released $149 W1 wireless audio adapter.

Although I mention only iTunes’ streaming Radio stations and the Rhapsody subscription music service as a source for Internet audio, there are lots of other places to get music. Pandora is one your should definitely check out. AOL also offers free audio via its XM-based AOL Radio (Firefox compatible only).

And I’ve received enough “What is that thing in the background of your videos!?” comments to reveal its identity. It’s an Orion SpaceProbe 130 EQ Reflector telescope. Rings of Saturn, baby!

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