TVMini HD Express records HDTV on the Mac

Miglia on Friday introduced the TVMini HD Express, a $99 HDTV recorder designed for the Mac.

The TVMini HD Express connects to the Mac using USB 2.0, and works with free High Definition (HD) television signals broadcast over the air in the United States (ATSC). It connects either to a cable device or to an antenna.

The device comes with Equinux’s The Tube software, which lets you watch, timeshift and record live HD TV. You can use an Apple Remote to change channels, adjust volume and pause the stream.

The box and software support recording of standard definition, 720p and 1080i-quality video, and enable you to record MPEG-2 and export in H.264 or MPEG-4 formats. The TVMini HD Express draws power from the USB interface, so no additional power plug is required.

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