Fujitsu releases Portable ScanSnap S300M

Fujitsu Computer Products of America on Monday announced the release of its ScanSnap S300M mobile scanner. It costs $295.

Like other ScanSnap scanners, the S300M is designed as a document scanner to help users convert business papers into digital files. It features a built-in automatic document feeder, and it scans both sides of the document at once. The ScanSnap S300M operates using USB and measures 11.2 x 3.7 x 3.0 inches, weighing about 3.1 pounds. The scanner can scan up to 10 documents at a time; pressing the “Scan” button yields PDF files at speeds of up to eight double-sided pages per minute.

Fujitsu includes Cardiris business card scanning software, along with ScanSnap Manager and ScanSnap QuickMenu software, which can help transfer scanned documents to e-mail, iPhoto or to a .Mac account.

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