X-Rite introduces ColorMunki Photo

X-Rite has introduced a new product that should appeal to anyone that cares about the color of the photos on their computer. ColorMunki Photo’s aim is to give users a way to match colors quickly and easily.

Using it’s own customer research, X-Rite said the benefits to that ColorMunki brings to the photographer are the ability to calibrate your display and match your print (plus calibrate your projector for slide shows); automatically configure your application(s) for correct profile usage; be sure that your images are being viewed correctly at client site; and the ability to create color palettes from images and other sources for image editing.

The software will allow you to automatically extract colors from your own images and capture spectral color from any surface. ColorMunki Photo is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, QuarkXpress and industry standard ICC profiles.

An FAQ covering the technology has been posted online. ColorMunki Photo will be available in late March for $499.

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