Plustek offers three new OpticFilm scanners

Plustek Technology has taken the wraps off three new scanners designed for converting slides to digital images. The OpticFilm 7300, OpticFilm 7500i SE and OpticFilm 7500i AI are priced at $289, 399 and $589 respectively. All are coming in April.

The scanners work at up to 7200 x 7200 dots per inch, with 3.5 D dynamic range and 48-bit per pixel color depth. They feature four-scan multi-sampling and a multi-exposure engine. The 7500i models also feature SilverFast’s Infrared Smart Removal of Defects (iSRD) technology, which Plustek says removes defects from the surface of the film in the scanned image. The high-end 750 AI model also includes 35mm IT8 calibration.

All three models are Mac and Windows-compatible (previous OpticFilm models shipped with Windows software only).

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