World of Warcraft Fury of the Sunwell update released

Blizzard Entertainment on Tuesday released a new content patch for World of Warcraft called Fury of the Sunwell. The new release — version 2.4 — is available for download when you log on to World of Warcraft (bear in mind that Tuesday in Blizzard’s routine maintenance day for World of Warcraft servers, so you may be unable to log in at first).


Fury of the Sunwell enables WoW players to explore the high-level Sunwell Plateau, the home of a mystical pool of energy that the Blood Elves have depended on for millennia to supply them with arcane energy. The area has been ravaged by the Scourge, who tried to corrupt the Sunwell’s energies to suit their own purposes.

The patch, which measures more than 260MB, features new dungeon and raid content, a dozen new daily quests (as well as an an increase to the daily quest limit to 25), and a brand new faction — the Shattered Sun Offensive. Players can also create level-70 characters with epic equipment on special tournament realms and compete in a new global arena tournament. The game’s user interface has also undergone improvements that allow for better combat text filtering, custom color assignments for enemies and friends, and more.

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