Starz, Manga Entertainment come to iTunes

Starz Media on Wednesday announced that its programming is now available for download through the iTunes Store. That includes both cable TV content found on Starz Entertainment channels and Japanese anime content from Starz subsidiary Manga Entertainment.

Starz Entertainment’s original programming now on iTunes includes comedies like “Head Case” and “Hollywood Residential.” Manga Entertainment anime licenses that are now available on iTunes include “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex,” “Noein,” “Tokko” and “Tactics.”

The programming is available on a per-show basis for $1.99 or you can purchase an entire season.

Manga Entertainment is the second major U.S. anime publisher to offer programming on the iTunes Store. Funimation Entertainment — publisher of Afro Samurai, Speed Grapher, Gunslinger Girl and other popular series — also makes programming available through the iTunes Store.

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