MailTags 2.2 brings Mail 3.0 compatibility

Indev Software released a new version of its Apple Mail tagging application, MailTags. Among other changes, MailTags 2.2 brings support for Mail 3.0 in Mac OS X Leopard.

MailTags allows the user to tag email messages, Mail notes and RSS news items, bringing another level of organization to the application. The new version of MaiTags also introduces a modular architecture that will allow users to interact with other applications.

Indev has included a module to interact with iCal and plan modules for Google Calendars, among others.

MailTags is available for download and costs $29.95.

At a Glance
  • MailTags lets you add searchable tags (similar to keywords or categories) to e-mail messages. It also lets you add notes, set and view priority, and assign due dates to messages.

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