Our regular host may be enjoying some well-deserved vacation time, but that doesn’t mean this installment of the Macworld Podcast isn’t packed with information, highlighted by a close look at Apple’s Time Capsule. The backup device, which shipped in late February, saw a pair of firmware updates last week—just in time for our Time Capsule review.

Editorial director Jason Snell speaks to Glenn Fleishman, the author of that Time Capsule review, in this Macworld Podcast. They talk about the ins and outs of that backup device, as well as the fact that last week’s software updates allow AirPort Extreme Base Station owners to run Time Machine backups to disks attached to the base station. That feature was originally promised during previews of Leopard and its Time Machine backup feature.

The podcast also focuses on a trio of recent news stories. Senior news editor Jonathan Seff joins me to discuss Apple’s rebates to iTunes Season Pass subscribers affected by the writers strike, the flap over Apple pushing the Safari 3.1 update to Windows users of iTunes and QuickTime, and OS X’s seventh anniversary.

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Show Notes

Apple announced plans last week to offer two free video downloads to Season Pass subscribers affected by the three-month-long Writers Guild of America strike. In addition, the company also plans to refund Season Pass holders for any unaired episodes in their Season Pass. (You can read a copy of the e-mail Apple sent to iTunes Season Pass subscribers for more details.) Last week, I criticized Apple for not letting customers know that it was aware of the problem sooner than it did.

The discussion about the Safari 3.1 update involves Apple’s move to post the updated browser as a download in the Apple Software Update utility it packages with the Windows versions of iTunes and QuickTime. The practice drew fire from Mozilla CEO John Lilly, who blasted the move in a blog post. In our discussion of the issue, Jon and I note the argument raised by ZDNet’s Larry Dignan about a possible reason behind Mozilla’s objections.

Be sure to check out Dan Moren’s tribute to OS X on the seventh anniversary of its release.


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