Easily create new tabs in Safari 3.1

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Here’s a very quick Thursday hint to go along with our Safari 3.1 review. Not mentioned in the review is one very useful new feature of the Tab bar: if you double-click in an empty space in the tab bar, Safari 3.1 will create a new empty tab. (Yes, you can do the same with Command-T, but sometimes, your hand is already on the mouse when you realize you want a new tab.)

Prior to the release of Safari 3.1, if you wanted this feature, you had to install a plug-in such as Saft. Now it’s available by default. Obviously, though, for this to work, the tab bar must be visible. If you can’t see it, just select View -> Show Tab Bar to make the bar visible at all times, even when you have only one site loaded. Safari remembers the state of this menu item between restarts, so the tab bar will remain visible until you select View -> Hide Tab Bar.

Version 3.1, of course, retains all of Safari’s other tab bar tricks—drag a tab horizontally to arrange your tabs, drag vertically to rip a tab off and create a new window showing that page, and move tabs between windows by dragging from the tab bar of one window to the tab bar of the other window.

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