For this installment of Macworld Video, I chose to focus on a number of useful productivity boosters. Though they may not make for the most amazing looking video, these tips will help you do more with your Mac.

This week, for the first time, I incorporated ScreenFlow into this video. Hopefully some of the callouts and zooms make things clearer; I’m still learning to use the software, but I think it will be a great help on future videos.

Download Macworld Video #44

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  • Length: 8 minutes, 50 seconds

Show Notes

These tips cover:

  • QuickTime and Quick Look: A quick trick for seeing time remaining when using 10.5’s Quick Look to watch QuickTime video files.
  • Printing from Preview: How to print selected pages from Preview in OS X 10.5.
  • Improved site searching: Learn how to use Google to improve searches on many sites. This tip uses this bookmarklet. Do not, however, click that link. Instead, Control-click on it, and (if your browser offers it), choose to make a bookmark out of the link. Name it something like Google Site Search, and watch the video to learn how it works.
  • Time Machine and FireWire devices: If you use a lot of different FireWire devices, you may tire of OS X asking you (only the first time you connect each device) whether you’d like to use it with Time Machine or not. You can disable this with a Terminal command: defaults write DoNotOfferNewDisksForBackup -bool YES. Watch the video to see exactly how, if you need more help.
  • Open current Finder window in Terminal: For this hint, you’ll need this script:
    tell application "Finder"
      set myWin to window 1
      set theWin to (quoted form of POSIX path of (target of myWin as alias))
      tell application "Terminal"
        tell window 1
          do script "cd " & theWin
        end tell
      end tell
    end tell
  • Skipping iTunes songs: Use an AppleScript to skip a song while still letting iTunes update its last played and play count information. This hint uses the following AppleScript:
    tell application "iTunes"
      set pos to (duration of current track) - 3
      if pos is less than 1 then set pos to 1
      set player position to pos
    end tell

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