Telestream Pipeline works with Final Cut Server

Telstream has announced that Pipeline, its video capture device designed to work on networks, supports Apple’s new Final Cut Server software. Pipeline starts at $1950.

The Pipeline is a shared network video encoder designed for SDI tape ingest into Telestream’s own software including FlipFactory and Episode. It also works in Final Cut Pro and is available in multi-channel and single-channel modes. Using Pipeline, you can select encoding to DV/DVCPRO25, IMX 30/40/50 and MPEG-2 I-frame, performing tape ingestion in realtime. You can also ingest from live sources.

Paired with Final Cut Server, video pros can now ingest content directly into a networkable asset management workflow developed around Final Cut Studio. Telestream also indicated that Pipeline works with the Pro Res 422 codec for standard definition content; a software update later this year will enable Pro Res 422-encoded High Definition (HD) content to be ingested as well.

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