The Office Suite Smackdown

The Office Suite Smackdown

For years, Microsoft Office was the undisputed champion of Mac software suites. Then came Apple’s iWork. At first it consisted solely of Pages and Keynote—not enough to take on Office head-to-head. But when Apple added Numbers to iWork ’08, the suite became a viable alternative to Microsoft Office.

Illustrations by Jonathan Carlson.

How viable? That’s what we asked Jeffery Battersby, Rob Griffiths, and Franklin N. Tessler—our go-to experts on word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation programs, respectively—to find out.

We asked each of them to use Office and iWork to create a project in their respective areas of expertise (Word and Pages for Battersby, Excel and Numbers for Griffiths, and PowerPoint and Keynote for Tessler). Each project was to progress from the basics (data entry and formatting) to more-advanced features (adding a data-entry form to a spreadsheet, for example, or advanced animations in a presentation). Our questions: Is one program better than the other? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Which jobs (and which users) require which tool?

Of course, we knew our test wouldn’t touch on every single feature in every program. But we figured we’d be able to compare the tools that you might typically require in a real-world job. Which suite came out on top in our software bouts? Read on to find out.

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