LiveQuartz photo retouching tool updated for Leopard

Romain Piveteau on Thursday released LiveQuartz 1.8, an update to his free photo retouching software for Mac OS X.

LiveQuartz features support for layering and transparency, and works using non-destructive filters. It uses a “live” file format that keeps layers and filter settings intact, and content produced using LiveQuartz is recognized by Spotlight and QuickLook.

New to the 1.8 version is support for multitouch-enabled trackpads. You can now “swipe” for tools and layer control, “pinch and expand” for magnification and layer zoom transformation, and “rotate” for layer rotation.

A new “free line” tool has been added, a new filter picker is available, better layer merging has been incorporated, global image resizing has been added, the user interface has been enhanced and the standard picture taker provides access to your Mac’s iSight camera.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.5.2 or later and 256MB RAM.

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