Spanning Sync to add Gmail contact sync

Spanning Sync, the iCal to Google Calendar synchronization software for Mac OS X, will add Gmail contact sync to its forthcoming 2.0 release, according to the developer, who recently posted details to the developer blog.

Spanning Sync enables Mac users to synchronize their iCal calendars to Google Calendars. You can also use it to synchronize calendars on multiple Macs using Google Calendars instead of .Mac.

The 2.0 version, currently in development, will feature the ability to sync Mac Address Book contents with contacts in Gmail and Google Apps, according to Spanning Sync. A demo movie has been posted to the Web site showing the feature in use.

A public beta is “coming soon,” according to Spanning Sync. The upgrade will be free for registered users (it costs $25 for a one-year subscription or $65 for a one-time purchase).

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