dpMatte brings greenscreen keying to Aperture

dvGarage on Thursday announced the release of dpMatte, a new plug-in for Apple’s Aperture 2.1 pro photo software. dpMatte costs $49 now through May 2nd (after that it’s $69). A demo is available.

dpMatte provides greenscreen keying capabilities similar to video software, for Aperture. You can remove green and blue backgrounds used in film and still photography, blur backgrounds, match contrast, adjust edge color and foreground tint, then scale and place the foreground image over the background.

dvGarage also announced that work has commenced on other Aperture plug-ins. The company is developing a High Dynamic Range (HDR) plug-in called HDRToner, and they’re also porting Conduit, their nodal compositing software for Final Cut, After Effects and Photoshop.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.4.11 or later and Aperture 2.1.

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