Viveza color control plug-in for Aperture released

Nik Software on Wednesday announced the release of Viveza, its color control plug-in for Apple’s Aperture 2.1 software. Viveza costs $249, and a demo is available.

Aperture is Apple’s cataloging and image editing software for photographers, and with its 2.1 release, it features a plug-in architecture that enables software developers to create new capabilities.

The Viveza plug-in — similar to software Nik already developed for Photoshop — enables photographers to tweak color and light values by setting “Color Control Points” directly on colors or objects in an image. Viveza then provides slider-based controls you can use to adjust brightness, contrast or color.

Viveza users who have already purchased the software for Photoshop are entitled to a free upgrade to the Aperture release, according to Nik. Visit the Viveza Web site for more details.

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