Apple settles two Canadian iPod lawsuits

Apple has agreed to settle two iPod lawsuits brought against the company in Canada. Apple is offering a $45 credit to Canadians that own an iPod purchased before June 24, 2004, reports the Montreal Gazette.

The settlement could affect up to 80,000 Canadians who own a first, second or third generation iPod.

The lawsuits focused on failing batteries in the iPods. According to the plaintiffs, the advertised eight hour battery life dwindled to just three hours after the first year of use.

The $45 dollar credit offered by Apple is redeemable at the online Apple Store. While the credit may be a windfall for customers that weren’t involved in the suit, it is less than what was being asked for. Lawyers had asked the court to award $137.77 from Apple for a replacement battery, plus shipping and handling, $50 for inconvenience and $400 in exemplary damages.

Representatives from Apple were not immediately available to confirm the settlement amount.

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