Google releases Vidnik video application

Google recently released Vidnik, a new application they’re offering as part of their Google Mac apps. It’s free to download and use.

Vidnik is useful for creating video diaries, or to produce a video comment you can attach to an existing YouTube video. It works with the iSight webcam built in to MacBook Pros and MacBooks, and also works with many FireWire and USB-based video cameras that are Mac compatible, according to the developer.

The application lets you record a video clip, trim it, add some title, description and other information, then click the upload button. You can also drag movies you’ve created in other applications into Vidnik’s interface, which will allow you to upload them, as well. Vidnik also lets you use other video applications to manipulate the videos you’ve created in Vidnik, if you want to add effects or other enhancements.

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