Mimic Pro plug-in manages 3D lip-synching with Carrara

DAZ 3D has announced the release of Mimic Pro for Carrara, software to help you manage lip-synching for 3D models using DAZ 3D’s modeling and rendering software. It’s priced at $199.

Mimic Pro for Carrara helps you create and edit facial animation sequences. You can also take existing WAV audio files — of any language — and let Mimic animate the facial features for you. A built-in recording studio lets you record your own speech files as well. It works with Carrara 6.2 as a plug-in.

Features exposed in Mimic Pro for Carrara include the ability to animate any 3D figure using existing audio files, multiple figure support, integration with non-linear animation (NLA) in Carrara and lip-synching of models created in Carrara. You can also use Mimic Pro to create expressions and facial gestures for your models.

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