CSS Menu Writer released for Dreamweaver

WebAssist on Wednesday introduced CSS Menu Writer, a new extension for Adobe’s Dreamweaver Web site creation software. It costs $99.99 ($74.99 through May 27, 2008).

CSS Menu Writer enables developers working with Dreamweaver to create Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)-based, standards-compliant navigation menus. It works on its own or in conjunction with Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor software. It works with static, dynamic or template pages.

CSS Menu Writer includes preset menus in both vertical and horizontal layouts, available in four different styles and 12 different color schemes. The menus can be customized including different typefaces and sizes, custom margins and paddings, and unique color and background images. You can customize menus differently for each level, storing custom menus as presets.

System requirements call for a G3/500MHz or faster (including Intel), Mac OS X v10.4 or later, Dreamweaver 8 or CS3.

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