Tidy Up utility adds Quick Look support

Tidy Up, a utility that allows you to search for duplicate files and folders, has been updated adding support for Mac OS X 10.5’s Quick Look feature.

Quick Look was introduced in Mac OS X Leopard and allows users to see the contents of file without actually opening it. This makes it easier to choose the correct file to open without wasting time opening applications.

Tidy Up lets you search for duplicate files, packages and folders by owner application, content, type, creator, extension, date modified, date created, name, label and visibility, among others.

Other changes in Tidy Up 1.4.1 include improvements to the search by content option and a bug has been fixed that sometimes prevented the loading of all Aperture’s projects in the “Aperture Search & Mark” location item of the Applications Support option.

Tidy Up 1.4.1 is available from the company’s Web site. For new users the application costs $30.

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