Apogee releases Maestro updates for Duet and Ensemble

Pro music company, Apogee Digital has released new versions of its Maestro software for its professional-level Ensemble and consumer focused Duet audio interfaces. Maestro is the software bridge between the Apogee hardware and the Mac OS.

Apogee's Duet FireWire audio interface


Apogee added several new features in Maestro for the Ensemble including compatibility with the Euphonix EuCon, encoder pop-ups have been added and a preference option will auto launch Maestro when an Ensemble is detected.

There are several bug fixes for Ensemble users too. Kernel panics with Apple Firewire audio driver v. 242-4-7 have been resolved; 176.4-192kHz conversion now operates consistently across all revisions; Core Audio latency correction now works as expected; SPDIF Optical connections with Macs are now supported at 96kHz; an HP2 muting issue has been fixed; and a work-around to avoid a jump in output level when opening Steinberg audio applications has been added.

Users of the Duet also get compatibility with the Euphonix EuCon and the same workaround for the Steinberg applications.

The free update is available by logging into the company’s Web site.

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