'Macling' mini-applications debut

Spritec Software has announced the release of three packs of "Maclings," described as "little apps, just for the Mac." Each pack of Maclings is priced at $9.99 each.

Maclings have been bundled into three "paks:" The Playful Pak, comprising four applications like Pet Skeleton, Dock Fire, Idle Time and Clicksplosion; The Practical Pak, which includes CornerTunes, Front App, Crosshairs and Mouse Minder; and The Peaceful Pak, which includes Mosaic, Prime Time, Under Pix and Snowy.

Spritec notes that anyone who buys Maclings will also receive two bonus Maclings—Menu Fish and Leopard Eyes—and the "Macling Manager," which lets users access Maclings directly in the Menu Bar. One year of free updates is also included.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.4 or later.

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