Sleeve for MacBook, MacBook Air looks like envelope

To drive home the thin dimensions of the MacBook Air, Apple’s television commercial introducing the laptop shows it emerging from a manila interoffice mail envelope. Isobre is capitalizing on that with its new carrying sleeve for the MacBook and MacBook Air. It’s available in either Student or Executive versions for €29.99 and €49.99 respectively (US$46.87 and US$78.13).

The Isobre Student is made of pigskin suede and features a velvet effect finish, while the Isobre Executive features full-grain cowhide leather with a soft tanning finish. Otherwise both sleeves are identical, and are capable of accommodating either the MacBook or the MacBook Air.

The Isobre sleeves are made in Cadiz, Spain — the company is managing transactions through PayPal and says that deliveries through FedEx take approximately four business days. Shipping throughout Europe adds another €15 (US$23.45); shipping to the U.S.A. or Canada costs €20 (US$31.27); the rest of the world costs €30 (US$46.89).

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