Introducing the Mac Basics Superguide, Leopard Edition

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We’re very lucky here at Macworld. Both in print and on the Web, we’ve got an amazingly diverse readership. Among our readers are some incredibly geeky, tech-savvy people who could code a perl script in their head or disassemble a MacBook Pro with the power of their mind. And also, some people who are relatively novice Mac users, who avidly read what we write in order to flex and improve their Mac skills.

The latest book in our Superguide series, The Macworld Mac Basics Superguide - Leopard Edition, is for both kinds of readers. If you’re someone who’s struggling with the basics of operating a Mac, or someone who’s a new user of Mac OS X—perhaps you’ve made the switch from Windows to Mac—this new 88-page guide will get you up to speed.

Written in an easy-to-follow style, the Macworld Mac Basics Superguide - Leopard Edition will give you detailed tips and information about using the Finder and the Dock, switching between programs, using Apple’s Spotlight search tool, opening and saving your files, and setting up system preferences and user accounts. We’ve tossed in some basic security and troubleshooting advice to keep your Mac up and running smoothly. And our own Dan Frakes, who pens our Mac Gems blog and magazine column, has assembled a list of 23 great low-cost programs that will enhance your Mac experience.

Macworld Mac Basics Superguide Leopard Edition
Available now as a PDF, on CD-ROM, or in glorious paper.

But what about you Mac experts out there? How in the world can a book with the phrase “Mac Basics” in the title be right for you? The answer is simple: It’s for you because it helps everyone you know. It’s for all of your friends and family members who use you as the be-all, end-all Mac resource. The reality is, a Mac expert can only be in one place at any given time. This book—available as a $12.95 PDF download (with no digital rights management of any kind—just read it using Adobe Reader or Apple’s Preview application!), or a $15 PDF on CD-ROM, or a beautiful $24.99 full-color, bound paperback book—can always be around as a handy reference when there’s no flesh-and-blood expert nearby. (I sent my mom a copy of the first edition of this book, and I like to think it’s reduced the number of questions she asks of me.)

You Mac experts out there might also appreciate the writers who contributed to this book: Mark H. Anbinder, Christopher Breen, Dan Frakes, Glenn Fleishman, Rob Griffiths, Joe Kissell, Ted Landau, and Kirk McElhearn.

Want to see more before you shell out for this book? We’ve created a downloadable sample that includes the book’s complete table of contents as well as sample pages.

And yes, if you or your loved ones is still using Tiger, we’ve still got the previous version of the book available! (If you downloaded the PDF edition of that prior book, you'll be receiving an e-mail from us with a special "upgrade" offer.)

Also available in our Superguide series are Mac OS X Hints Leopard Edition, Total Leopard, and the Macworld Digital Photography Superguide. We think they’re really great books, and we hope you do, too.

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