Depths of Peril action RPG released

Soldak Entertainment has released Depths of Peril for the Macintosh, a new single-player action role playing game (RPG). It costs $19.99 and a playable demo is available.

You play as the leader of a faction protecting Jorvik, a barbarian city. Your job is to destroy monsters and complete quests and you compete with rival factions over rulership of the city.

The game features an engrossing storyline comprising more than 40 short stories, a random world filled with monsters and challenges, the ability to play at different difficulty levels, relationship management with enemy factions using diplomacy, trade, war and raids and more.

System requirements call for Mac OS X 10.4 or later, G4/1.5GHz or faster (including Intel), 128MB RAM, GeForce2 MX or better 3D graphics and 150MB hard disk space.

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