Unity — Mac game engine now authorized for Wii

Unity Technologies has announced that its eponymous game engine is now an authorized middleware option for Nintendo Wii console game development.

Unity is used to create 3D games that can be deployed on Mac OS X and Windows; it can also be used for Web publishing and Dashboard widgets. The software features an integrated editor, support for DirectX and OpenGL 3D graphics APIs, with support for shaders and physics, asset management, shadow and lighting effects, scriptability and networking.

The Nintendo authorization means that Unity developers can now use the software to develop games for the Wii, Nintendo’s popular casual game console. Features include remote scripting support for the Wii’s Remote, Nunchuck and Classic Controller input devices, a live preview mode, optimized character animation, and scriptable shaders optimized for the Wii’s graphics system.

Users interested in developing for Wii are instructed to contact Unity Technologies for details on licensing.

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