If you’re a Mac fan, chances are there’s more than one machine set up back at home. If you hail from a multi-Mac household, this is the Macworld video for you, as I offer tips and tricks on working with multiple machines.

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Show Notes

I cover a number of things I do to make the task of working with multiple Macs under one roof a bit easier, specifically:

  • Using a network wake-up tool—WakeOnLan in the GUI, and the wakeonlan Terminal script—to wake up the various machines around the house.
  • Using DropCopy to transfer files, send messages, and move clipboards between machines.
  • Using ClipboardSharing to send, receive, or synchronize clipboards across machines.
  • Modifying the built-in OS X 10.5 screen-sharing program as described in this Macworld blog to add useful new features.
  • Using 10.5’s screen sharing with teleport, a program that acts like a virtual keyboard and mouse switchbox, to make screen sharing do things it can’t do alone.

That’s a lot of ground to cover, and it only scratches the surface of this topic. If there’s an issue involving multi-Mac households that I didn’t talk about in the video, feel free to bring it up in the forums. I certainly have more than enough material to revisit this topic in a future video.

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