Apple updates Xsan software to 2.1

Apple has released an update to its Xsan software, to version 2.1. The update is available for download from Apple’s Web site, and is recommended for all Xsan 2 users.

Xsan is Apple’s specially-developed Storage Area Network (SAN) file system for Mac OS X. It’s aimed at computing environments that need a 64-bit cluster file system running over Fibre Channel. Applications include video post-production, for example, or storage consolidation for large networks, broadcast video, iCal server clustering and more.

The update includes file system performance and reliability improvements, improved Access Control List (ACL) verification and correction, better logging during the RPL stage of the upgrade process, and improved performance and reliability during Controller failover scenarios, according to Apple.

Apple has also updated the admin software that controls Xsan 2.1. Changes in that software include easier methods of changing computers’ roles within the SAN, the ability to remove clients from the SAN in situations where the controller may be offline, a bug fix for a problem that could cause users and groups to not be shown when the primary controler is offline, and better visual indications for truncated Logical Unit Number (LUN) sizes.

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