The Worldwide Developers Conference is now a recent, bright memory. To celebrate its passing, we devote this episode of the Macworld Podcast to all things WWDC—a reality check on what Apple announced last week and then a roundtable interview with a group of Mac developers who have turned their attention to the iPhone.

That reality check consists of me musing on the true costs of the iPhone 3G and whether it makes sense for current iPhone owners to upgrade; the precious few details we have on the next version of Mac OS X, the no-new-features Snow Leopard; and what MobileMe brings to the table (and which bits of .Mac it leaves on the floor).

Editorial director, Jason Snell then sits down with three key Mac developers—NewsGator’s Brent Simmons, The OmniGroup’s Greg Titus, and The Icon Factory’s Craig Hockenberry—to talk about their experiences developing for the iPhone.

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Show Notes

I cover a fair amount of territory in a short amount of time during my opening comments about Apple’s WWDC announcements. Fortunately, Macworld has the details.

To learn more about the iPhone 3G, take a long look at iPhone 3G: What You Need to Know. You’ll also want to know the cost of owning an iPhone 3G, which Dan Frakes discusses in iPhone 3G is Faster, But Cheaper? I also cite Peter Cohen’s should-you-upgrade article Will Current iPhone Owners Upgrade to 3G?

While discussing the details of MobileMe, I mentioned SproutCore, an open JavaScript framework Apple’s reportedly using to create the MobileMe applications. Macworld UK’s Jonny Evans provides details in SproutCore is Apple’s Flash, Silverlight-killer. Finally, Macworld’s editors have put their heads together to provide all they know about MobileMe in MobileMe: What You Need to Know.

The work of the gentlemen Jason speaks with in our extended developer interview is well known to most Mac users. If you’re among those who haven’t discovered the wonders of Simmons’ NetNewsWire, the OmniGroup’s OmniFocus (among many other great applications), and The Icon Factory’s Twitterrific, isn’t it about time you did?

Last week, our iPhone Central blog profiled the iPhone versions of Twitterific and OmniFoucs. Ars Technica looked at the mobile version of NetNewsWire.

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