Remember the Lite-Brite, the toy dating from the 1960s that let you create colorful pictures with light bulbs and plastic pegs? It’s undergone a radical makeover! Well, sort of. Yamaha has launched the $1,200 Tenori-on, an innovative music sequencer composed of 256 LED buttons. Combining the functions of a drum machine and a synthesizer, the Tenori-on visualizes the patterns of creating music with its LED-button landscape.

Whether you’re a serious electronic musician or a beginner, the Tenori-on’s intuitive, inventive design will get your creative juices flowing in no time. PC World senior associate editor Danny Allen joins Macworld associate editor Brian Chen in discussing and demonstrating the powers (and weaknesses) of the Tenori-on.

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Show Notes

PC World included the Tenori-on in its list of 25 most innovative products of 2007. Yamaha launched the Tenori-on in April 2008. For more on the Tenori-on, visit the product's official site.

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