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Now open iCal. Select the new calendar, which will appear under your e-mail account name in the sidebar, and rename it so that its name is similar to one of your On My Mac calendars (for example, if you have an existing calendar called Home, you might call this one Home IMAP). If the To Do list is not already visible, choose View -> Show To Do List; it should display all the current To Do items for your existing On My Mac calendars. (To ensure that all to-do items are displayed, choose iCal -> Preferences, click on Advanced, and deselect the two “Hide To Do items” choices.) Items in iCal’s To Do list are color-coded so you can easily see which calendar they belong to. Drag each item from your existing On My Mac calendar to the new server-based calendar in iCal’s sidebar, and iCal moves it to that calendar, changing the color (if applicable) in the process. (Unfortunately, selecting them all and dragging them at the same time doesn’t always work.)

Repeat this entire procedure for each additional On My Mac calendar you have. (To create a new server-based calendar in iCal, choose File -> New Calendar -> Name of Server; if the new calendar doesn’t appear immediately, quit iCal and reopen it.) After creating a new calendar, rename it, and move your to-do items from another On My Mac calendar to the new calendar.

[Joe Kissell is the senior editor of TidBits and the author of Take Control of Apple Mail in Leopard (Take Control Books, 2008).]

This article was reposted on June 27, 2008 to correct instructions in the the Sort out to-dos from the start section.

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