Telstra to offer iPhone in Australia alongside Vodafone

While we’ve known for a while that Australia would be getting its mitts on the iPhone 3G through Vodafone, it appears that the crew down under will have their choice of providers.

Telstra, Australia’s largest mobile phone operator and the provider that once famously told Apple to “stick to its knitting” will now join the ranks of those companies gladly distributing the iPhone. No details about availability or pricing have been published yet, but we imagine Vodafone will get a bit of a headstart in offering the handset. 

This isn’t a terribly surprising development: Telstra’s CEO Sol Trujillo said last October that they were negotiating with Apple over bringing the iPhone to Australia, but that revenue sharing was a sticking point. Now that it’s out of the picture, we can all live happily ever after in a land down under. Where women glow and men plunder.

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