T-Mobile posts iPhone 3G plans for Netherlands

Plan madness continues apace as T-Mobile releases details on their iPhone 3G plans available in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, since there’s no English translation available and my Dutch is, er, rusty, I’ve had to resort to the brilliant computers over at Google. You’ll have to pardon me if I get any the details wrong, or if I start referring to the iPhone as the iFish. These things happen when you trust computers.

The low-end plan runs €29.95/month (~$47) and nets you 150 minutes and 150 SMS messages; with that plan, the iPhone will cost you €79.95 (approximately $126) for the 8GB model and €159.95 ($252) for the 16GB model. The mid-range, which costs €44.95 (~$71), gets you 300 minutes and 300 SMS messages, and reduces the 8GB iPhone to a paltry €1 for the 8GB or €79.95 (~$126) for the 16GB. The high-end, meanwhile, costs €64.95 (~$102), comes with 500 minutes and 500 SMS messages, and brings the price of the iPhone to €1 and €19.95 (~$31) for the 8GB and 16GB iPhones respectively.

All bundles come with Visual Voicemail and data—there’s no mention of a cap, but they do advertise the speeds as 2048kbps (2.4 Mbps) down, which is a bit faster download than the 1.4Mbps speed promised in the US, and 384 kbps up, which is a bit slower than the 500-800kbps upload range that AT&T predicts.

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