Cocktail utility updated for Mac OS X 10.5.4

Maintain on Wednesday announced the release of Cocktail 4.1.3 (Leopard Edition), an update to their utility software. It’s a free update for registered users; Cocktail costs $14.95 (a trial version is available).

Cocktail puts a graphical user interface on many of Mac OS X’s advanced Unix functions that are otherwise accessible only by using the Terminal application and a command line interface. It combines maintenance tools and interface tweaks broken out into five basic categories.

New to this release is compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5.4, a bug fix in which Firefox 3 bookmarks were reverted to an outdated version during clearing of Internet caches, a fix for a problem that could cause Cocktail to stop responding during clearing of the user caches, and a fix for the uninstaller related to resetting UDP settings to their default value.

Maintain recommends the update for all registered Cocktail (Leopard Edition) users.

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