Our latest podcast is a triple-threat, examining recently released details on iPhone 3G activation and pricing, Macs in the enterprise market, and the ins and outs of syncing data and files between Macs. On the way to these interviews, I take a look at the new Rhapsody MP3 Store and compare it, ever so lightly, to Amazon MP3 and the iTunes Store.

The first-interview-of-three features Macworld associate editor Dan Moren. Dan’s been keeping a watchful eye on what AT&T and Apple have planned for iPhone 3G activation and pricing. He and I talk turkey about what this means for those moving from other phones and carriers as well as for current iPhone owners.

I then chat with LANrev Chief Operating Officer, Peter Frankel, about the Enterprise Desktop Alliance, a group of five companies—LANrev, Atempo, Centrify, Group Logic and Parallels—created to facilitate the acceptance of Macs in the enterprise world.

Finally, Macworld senior editor Jonathan Seff and I spend time talking about contributor Joe Kissell’s Stay in Sync series of articles—articles that address the burning issue of coordinating data between multiple Macs—which appear this week on Macworld.com as well as in the August issue of Macworld magazine.

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Show Notes

During my opening comment about the Rhapsody MP3 Store I failed to mention that if you’re an existing Rhapsody subscriber or you create a Rhapsody account by the 4th of July (and you’re among the first 100,000 to do so) Rhapsody will give you a $10 credit. I happen to be a Rhapsody subscriber and used my $10 to purchase Gigi’s One Ethiopia.

While Steve Jobs provided a nice overview of what the iPhone 3G would bring during his WWDC keynote address, it was only during this week that Apple and AT&T confirmed such important details as how activation works, what the iPhone 3G’s service plans cost, and how certain iPhone 3G features function (mass delete of e-mail messages, for example).

In addition to Dan Moren’s More 3G Answers article, you’ll find AT&T’s iPhone 3G What You Need to Know webpage helpful. Apple has also posted a couple of Guided Tour movies that are worth your while.

Our own Jim Dalrymple has more details on the Enterprise Desktop Alliance.

Joe Kissell is one smart fellow who not only contributes regularly to Macworld but is also a senior editor with Adam and Tonya Engst’s TidBITS and author of countless Take Control e-books.


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