Taking screen shots with iPhone 2.0

If you’ve ever seen something interesting on your iPhone’s screen and wanted to capture it—or, more practically, you’re someone who writes about the iPhone and has lamented its inability to take screen shots—you’ll be happy about a small feature in the iPhone 2.0 software.

Yes, you can now take screen shots on your iPhone. It’s a trick that developers have been whispering about for some time now, but we’re happy to see that this geeky feature has made it into the shipping version of the software.

To take a screen shot, hold down the home button and then push the top button. The screen will flash and the resulting image will be placed on your camera roll. From there, you can sync it back to your computer, e-mail it to friends, or do anything else you can do with any other photo in your camera roll.

It works! The proof is below, a screen shot of NetNewsWire running on my iPhone.

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