Mobile game maker Jirbo makes big iPhone play

Simultaneously with the launch of the App Store, mobile game publisher Jirbo has announced the launch of 15 applications for the iPhone.

With most games including the word “Jirbo,” the company’s titles shouldn’t be too difficult to find. They run the gamut from memory matching titles to bouncing arcade games, puzzle games, mah jong tile matching and more. Some are free, some — Jirbo’s “more involved games” — are priced at $2.99. Most of them feature Jirbo characters.

Jirbo initially debuted by offering games designed for the iPhone and iPod touch’s Safari Web browser. In recent months the company has been reworking its games to run natively on the iPhone.

Of the 15 titles at launch, 14 of them are games. The 15th, Jirbo Avatar, lets users compare high scores of a new iPhone-specific social network that Jirbo has created.

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